Why Alliance Is A Great School Network To Work For

Alliance College-Ready Public Schools is one of the largest and most successful charter school organizations in the nation and for good reason.

This organization was founded because the education system continually failed to provide resources for the kids in some of LA’s most underserved neighborhoods. The founders consist of visionary educators and civic leaders who knew how much work it would take to build schools that actually made a lifelong difference. 

Sound like your philosophy? Here’s just a few more reasons why you should become an integral part of this devoted, academic family.

1) Highly Recognized

One of Alliance’s goals to close the “achievement gap,” the difference between the test scores of low-income Latinx and African American students in comparison to white and more affluent peers. Their work has been officially recognized. 

Alliance schools significantly outperform neighboring schools with all Alliance high schools ranked in the top 10% of high schools nationwide and four schools being ranked in the top “25 Most Transformative High Schools” in America by Newsweek

Alliance isn’t full of people with shallow ideas and wishful thinking, they have communities that serve tangible results.

2) Strong Core Values

Alliance principals, teachers, staff, and parents work together to uphold their core values to build a strong school culture. This ensures that all scholars are prepared for success in college and future careers. 

The close relationships between teachers and staff encourage teamwork and accountability. School leaders also undergo extensive training programs, so that you’ll have a supportive and qualified admin. You’ll be closely working with an amazing team to teach students a curriculum that combines material with real-world applications. 

3) Effective Autonomy

Every Alliance school is committed to the Alliance mission, core values and aspirations for scholars, each school is afforded the autonomy to make decisions that are in the best interest of their scholars and specific school community.

Principals play an integral part in staff hiring rather than letting a distant district take over the process. This increases the quality of school staffing, so you’ll be working with a highly qualified team.

Educators decide which curriculum best meets the needs of their students. Alliance acknowledges that each classroom has their own unique communities that need unique solutions. You decide what teaching methods do and don’t work.

You’ll have a say in how the school’s money is used. Each Alliance school has its own school board that includes both teacher and parent representatives that approve school budgets.

4) Growth Minded

Alliance is continually working to improve their schools with three main goals in mind; Academic Achievement, Best Place to Work, and Culture of Excellence. 

The Alliance family aspires to have every Alliance school perform in California’s top quartile in ELA and Math and have at least 75% of graduates to complete a four-year degree. Another goal is to foster a learning environment where everyone finds meaning in their work and has their voices heard and responded to. Ultimately this would shape a culture of excellence that fosters a culture of innovation, best practice sharing, knowledge management, and advocacy.

5) Scoot Partnership

When you apply for Alliance positions with Scoot Education, you’ll enjoy more than just the job! 

With Scoot, you won’t be alone and lost in your teaching career. At no cost, we pair you with a dedicated consultant from Scoot Education who actually cares about your job search. We don’t hand you just any job, we connect you to tailored teaching positions. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy free demo lesson coaching, assistance with salary negotiations and much more. We want you to talk to us about where you are in your career journey so that we can provide personalized service.

Are you ready to teach at Alliance?

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