Why a Charter Network is a Great Place to Start as a Green Teacher

Starting your teaching career is so exciting! You’ve worked so hard to obtain your teaching credentials, and now you get to select your first school community. 

But if we’re being honest? It’s a bit nerve-wracking. 

A charter school has the resources to support educator growth and the capability to allow educator autonomy in teaching decisions, two notable differences that distinguish it from the traditional public school.

1) Autonomy

Charter schools are often exempt from select state and district rules and regulations. While charters have to reach the same results as public schools, they can do so using their own methods. 

You won’t be forced to follow guidelines set by an outsider system that lacks the same personal dedication you have for your students. If you find that one teaching method isn’t working, you can switch it up until it’s right for your students. No red tape to stop you!

You can foster an effective and efficient learning environment on your own terms.

2) Support System

Studying in school to become a teacher and being a part-time teacher’s aid will be starkly different from actually teaching your own classroom. You’ll meet stressful challenges, so a support system that aids your development as a teacher matters.

Charter schools often form a tight network with teachers, parents, and staff all supporting one another, creating a “family” atmosphere. You’ll be empowered to speak up about issues, problems, and ideas. One educator appreciated her charter school’s “open door” policy that ultimately allowed the school to set and reach high academic standards while maintaining teacher morale.

3) Smaller Class Sizes

Charter schools typically have smaller, more manageable class sizes. Class sizes matter when you’re in a crowded classroom with not enough chairs or individualized time for each student. Teaching effectively can become very difficult and less fulfilling than you hoped it would be.

As a new teacher, you’ll find it easier to hone your teaching skills in a smaller classroom where you can reach every single student. You’ll have more time to be attentive to everyone and the grading will be more manageable. With a more effective teacher, students will also learn better too. Don’t start your career burning out in classes with more than 40 students!

4) Alliance College Ready Public Schools

Alliance is an amazing charter network that you can join and start your career with exceptional support. Scoot Education has partnered with Alliance to connect stellar educators with their 28 high schools and middle schools serving 13k scholars and 12k alumni. It’s one of the largest and most successful chart school organizations in the nation, so there’s plenty of opportunities!

This organization was founded because the education system continually failed to provide resources for the kids in some of LA’s most underserved neighborhoods. With well-trained leaders, committed teachers, and engaged parents, Alliance has made exceptional the rule for all of their public charter schools.

Interested in jump-starting your teaching career at Alliance?

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