5 Tips to Find and Choose Your First Teaching Job

You might be a “green” teacher but you’re stellar and fully qualified to start teaching. You know that the right job isn’t going to fall into your lap – you’ve got to be proactive to stand out in the educational job market. 

Network, prepare a stellar portfolio (no teaching experience necessary), or team up with staffing companies that will cut down your workload. 

Narrowing down which teaching job would jumpstart or stagnate your career will also be hard, but cyberstalking the school won’t help you as much as actively asking questions in person and seeing the campus for yourself!

Implement these tips to achieve the best outcomes with the least amount of time wasted.

1) Work with Staffing Companies

You don’t have to be on the job search alone! Apply to work with staffing companies who already have established relationships with schools you want to work with. You don’t want to waste time scrolling through hundreds of jobs that aren’t relevant to you, so work with companies like Scoot to narrow and personalize the search


With the help of a dedicated Scoot consultant, you’ll easily navigate job adverts and understand what exactly a teaching position requires for a particular school. You’ll also have an upper hand in getting positions because Scoot endorses you as an exceptional educator.

2) Network Aggressively

One of the best ways to find a job is through connections. Employers will often rather hire someone recommended from their peers over a potential wild card. 

No one will tell you about a new job opportunity if you don’t let anyone that you’re looking for a job! Talk to everyone, both friends and acquaintances. If a colleague sends a word about you to a school administrator, you immediately have a foot in the door.

You can even reach out to people on LinkedIn. Just a quick message introducing yourself and showcasing interest in specific openings shows recruiters both your face and proactive character. There really isn’t any harm done, so do it!

3) Refine your Portfolio

Having zero teaching experience is expected for a fresh new teacher, but you might have felt the frustration of meeting employers who already want you to at least have 5 years of experience and a National Board Certification.

Get ready to put up some jazz hands and dazzle interviewers with your attitude and an impressive portfolio that doesn’t have teaching experience (but they won’t be focusing on that). 

Organize everything together: your transcripts, certifications, recommendations, any teaching volunteer work, unique lesson plans, etc. You can even prepare a teaching philosophy to communicate what kind of teacher you aim to be.

4) Interview the Interviewer

You’ve scored an interview! Palms are sweaty because you need to prove you’re an exceptional catch that the school would be a fool not to accept you. But you need to see if the job is actually right for you. 

You should’ve already researched the school before the interview, but speaking directly to the principal is your chance to learn more intimate details such as why the previous teacher of this position left. You should ask about what support systems the school provides for new teachers or how the school’s average teacher turnover compares to the rest of the school district. Remember to ask in a friendly and humble manner!

5) Visit the School

Try to tour the school when it’s still in session. You’ll be able to get a feel for the school environment and teacher-student relationships. Spend as much time as possible and chat with any teachers you come across. The first-hand experience will be way more telling than interview answers. 

There are multiple things you should look out for during your visit. Is the campus clean? See if there’s little to no litter around the campus and if the bathrooms are clean. Is there orderliness? Are many students running through the halls and skipping class? Are they free to walk around as they please without a pass? Is there excellent classroom management or are teachers frantically trying to lasso their students together? How are the admins? Are they friendly and approachable or do they quickly zoom by without a word?

6) Start at Alliance

Imagine a seamless transition from studying for those shiny degrees to working in a well-paying teacher position at a school that you love. It can seem like a pipe-dream, but let’s make it into a reality. 

An amazing place you can jumpstart your teaching career with the support you need is Alliance. You’ll even get excellent starting pay and full insurance coverage. Alliance is one of the most successful charter school organizations in the nation and you can join right in with Scoot by your side. You’ll enjoy small class sizes, high levels of parent involvement, supportive leaders, fantastic coworkers and autonomy in the classroom. This is an amazing environment to work in as a first-time teacher. To put the candle on top of the cake, you’ll have a Scoot consultant to help with your teaching journey and provide free career coaching.

Are you ready to teach at Alliance?

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