5 Reasons to Relocate to & Teach in LA

Los Angeles is unlike any other city in the world. Great weather, close proximity to beaches, mountains, and deserts, and accessibility to world-class restaurants, shopping, sporting events, concerts, and performances.

Los Angeles is comprised of a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and demographics and is home to 1000s of public, private, charter and religiously affiliated schools. 

Relocating to teach in Los Angeles provides an opportunity to expand your teaching pedagogy and grow your career.

LA is a city full of opportunities for educators like you. If you’ve been considering a move to sunny Southern California, here are 5 reasons to take the plunge! 

1) Ample Opportunities

Teachers are in high demand! Los Angeles is the second-highest populated city in America, which means that there are plenty of potential schools to work in. You’ll have the choice to decide between public, private, charter, and religiously-affiliated schools. Each has its own pros and cons so you get to pick which environment you thrive best in.

There are many kinds of teaching opportunities available too, including at the exceptional Alliance charter schools where you’ll work with a tight knit team of growth-minded and driven educators, faculty, and parents. You would be earning a competitive salary with covered health insurance and a retirement plan!

Don’t stress about not finding a decent, well-paying teaching position. You are very much needed in LA.

2) Diverse People

Los Angeles has been shaped by its high racial and ethnic diversity. You’ll see and befriend people from all over the world when you move to this city. Additionally, without a distinct majority population, a cultural mecca was created with world-class museums, art exhibitions, and theaters. Not only will you meet diverse people in person, you’ll be able to engage with diverse artistic expression as well.

The diversity is often reflected in the city’s schools. Diverse classrooms can foster more creativity because of the perspectives that diverse students can bring to the table. Those with differing viewpoints will be able to collaborate to create discussions that maybe even you never thought about! Both you and your students can develop into global citizens.

Teaching can be fulfilling in LA as you hone your skills as a culturally responsive teacher in a culturally rich city.

3) Diverse Locations

You want to work in an environment that’s just right for you. You’ve heard of how different states have different vibes, but Los Angeles has just as diverse neighborhoods. Some LA enclaves mimic the hustle and bustle of New York City while others have a more easygoing environment. 

Diverse populations have also led to the formation of ethnic enclaves. You’ll find places like Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, Little Tokyo, and many more neighborhoods that celebrate the different cultures of Los Angeles. In each enclave, you’ll also find amazing food based on cuisine from different countries. If you’re a foodie, get excited!

It‘s a hassle to keep uprooting yourself to find the perfect state to settle down in, but in LA, you’ll be able to explore without hopping into a plane. 

4) Awesome Weather

No more pushing your car out of a snowbank. No more lingering in bed in the morning because it’s way too cold to put your feet on the floor, or staying in the shower because turning off the hot water transforms your bathroom into the freezer.

Weather can affect your mood both consciously and unconsciously. When work starts getting hectic, consecutive days that are filled with only clouds and dread would dampen you even further. You may feel less motivated and excited to do your work.

Instead, wake up to sunny mornings even in December! The light will boost your serotonin, which lifts up your mood. You’ll feel more refreshed and ready to seize the day.

5) Fun Activities

There’s always something to do in LA and the sunny weather inspires many to get outside! You can relish in LA’s art, music, culture, and nature.

You’ll be able to easily visit beaches for running, walking, volleyball, surfing, and more! The LA Basin is also surrounded by mountain ranges that are perfect for hiking. If you’re not that into hiking, there’s more to see in the ranges such as the LA Zoo, Greek Theatre, or Griffith Observatory.

The nightlife is diverse with each neighborhood having its own vibes. Music fans might catch their favorite bands playing in smaller clubs and cocktail fans may enjoy entry into modern speakeasies. 

LA is also home to collegiate and professional sports. You’ll have plenty of choices to attend live sporting events from the LA Coliseum to the Rose Bowl.

Are you ready to teach at Alliance?

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